A Quest

This year we are not making many reservations thus the quest. I am up for this adventure and so is the trailer here’s proof.

The week leading up to the departure was filled with heat which made loading the trailer a slow task. That done got up the morning of the 4th hooked up the trailer and loaded the refrigerator and headed out. Of course a tad behind when we wanted to pull out.

In and Out for lunch and then north to Vegas. Thank goodness for air conditioning as it was 100 degrees at Nellis AFB home to the Thunderbirds https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Air_Force_Thunderbirds I did not see them, maybe next time.

The quest has begun so follow me and we just might find the holy BANANA.

2nd Cutest Museum

I’m just following the lead of Eric from the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum http://www.mbskate.com, he has the second largest skateboard so it’s only fitting he has the 2nd cutest museum. Everyone who has followed my blog knows there is a special spot in my heart for the hammer museum http://www.hammermuseum.org .

Back to now, I was in Morro Bay and I stumbled into this place looking for an adventure. (Ok, I was looking for things to do for the A-Frame Rally). The first thing I noticed was this large board in the middle and the sign that said 2nd largest skateboard in the world. Although to listen to Eric it could be the largest if he wanted because it is the largest skateboard in Morro Bay. He said he wanted to keep it real (that’s his story).

The museum is free and there are t-shirts and stuff for sale. If you go and talk to Eric watch the twinkle in his eye when he talks about skateboarding and the Wide World of Sports.

A Missing Sign = Adventure

Just to make clear it’s hard to find your way when there is no sign. I’m just glad Roy was a trucker and I was anal about trailer contents.

The adventure begins, headed through Lancaster CA had to see the dealer so the thought was head up the 14 to 58 straight shot to the beach. (You all know where this is going). It was smooth sailing a few hills and curves the trailer handled well. I did not know the amount of oil, gas, solar, and some fracking going on in California all on Hwy 33. (interesting read https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midway-Sunset_Oil_Field ). While looking at these wells we pass a road that heads to the right, no sign just a city both of us did not recognize. So we continued driving for about 15 miles. Turn around head back to the road we should have turned on.

If you have not driven 58 it is well worth the trip (here’s the wiki link https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_State_Route_58 ). I would suggest driving 58 during the day because you do not want to miss the curves, expansive views, buffalo, hogs, sheep, and of course cows. Pulling into Morro Bay in the dark had to hustle to dinner because off season restaurants close early, we grabbed something to go and ate in the trailer fish and chips great way to christen Lancelot.

Over the next few days I will be blogging about planed events for our October Far Out West Rally

“Drugs” are GOOD

Alright those who know me are going to say WHAT? It’s true, having had a love hate relationship with my MS drug Tysabri. Most recently it has been a hate relationship.

Here’s the back story. The first drug I tried in 2008 was Betaseron an every other day shot this was not a good fit from the get go. In 2010 my doctor in Reno suggested this once a month infusion Tysabri. I loved it from the get go, not to many flairs no side effects wonder drug.

Fast forward to 2016; I started to develop headaches during the infusion and it would put me in bed for two days afterward, the relationship is starting to go south. Well, make a long story short the relationship soured and was made worse in 2017 when I missed 3 infusions and the drug left my system. Restarting was horrible. We started looking for a new drug, which I could not take.

After some seperate issues, I restarted Tysabri every other month. First infusion in March was good until 3 weeks before my next infusion, a flair occured ugh. May 4th we were able to get the premeds for the headaches under control. I woke up the next morning and it felt like an amazing transformation, and it’s still going.



Things do creep up on you, 38 days til our next summer adventure begins. I am excited because this year I am headed to Alaska for a photo adventure with photo guru and a-frame camper Lisa Langell. (side note turning 50 is amazing) This photo trip was part of my year long b-day celebration, that’s Roy’s story. I think the real reason is so Roy can have 10 uninterrupted days camping on Whidbey Island NAS my story. I hope this year I will lay my eyes on a few Orcas if not in Alaska then on Vancouver Island, I do know I am trying snorkelling.

The added excitement is seeing my family and friends in Ely, NV, Wisconsin, and some other spots along the way. We are doing this in our new Lance because of some issues that developed in the old trailer. After one night test camping it feels like a small cabin on wheels, the thing that pops out other then the slide out is the amount of storage space. This means I can bring back more souvenirs.

I will be posting along the way like the last two years, maybe more pictures. Time to pack up and head home to the desert where its over 100 degrees today.

On a side note the health issue I had it was the best news one could expect. I just need to have follow ups more often. This was a good lesson in paying attention to the body. See you all on the journey with Roy and Lance o Lot.


I don’t know where to start….last night was amazing. I decided this year will be a whole year of celebration on turning 50. I have a few reasons for this

  • 1. Never thought I’d live this long
  • 2. Not in a wheelchair and I have MS ( a neurologist told me if you have MS and you aren’t in a chair by 50 MS will not put you there)
  • 3. I’m surprised at how quickly this year has come and how much history I have

The year of celebration began when Roy and I saw STYX last night in Vegas, even they were reflecting on how long they have been around. The seats were dead center stage 13 rows up, although I hardly sat in mine, too much dancing. I can safely share my first true love Tommy Shaw did not kidnap me, so I’ll share what happened in Vegas.

Roy enjoyed the show so much so that it moved up to number 2 of all shows he’s seen. I was impressed and amazed at how the lead singer Lawrence Gowan has grown into the role. For those of you who don’t know the history Dennis de Young was the lead singer until around 1999.

I am embracing getting older, I’m also learning to embrace the progression of my disease, I’m embracing what the next half century will bring.

On with the year come along with me.

Looking Back —Moving Forward

2017 was an amazing year.  We travelled to Alaska via Banff and Jasper along the Canadian rockies.  I took some cool pictures of big horn sheep, I only had to drive 1,500 miles to do this.  We travel a road once a month that have signs saying watch for big horn sheep. Seven years and only saw one.

This trip was all about the eagles last trip was all about bears.  The path taken was so abundant with all sorts of wildlife, nature, fires and snow.   We had to cut are return trip short due to fires in BC Canada (perfect excuse to return).

This year turning 50 will be an exceptable as I am still walking even if I bounce off the walls more often.  A neurologist told me if you aren’t in a wheelchair by 50 MS will not put you there.  I am also starting a new drug to keep my MS at bay.  I’m looking forward to twice a year instead of every month, and hopefully no headache the day after.  I will keep you posted.

I also am looking forward to a 10 day photo trip in Alaska with a pro this summer.  Roy will be sitting on the beach in Washington.  Once I join him we will be headed to Bella Coola BC, the place we skipped because of fires.

May this year bring love, laughter, brightness and warmth.  Enjoy.

Glad I Didn’t Walk IT!

This past week Roy and I went to the large RV show in Pomona, CA.  My blonde roots are getting deeper, I thought it’s inside, the map drawing didn’t look big (BTW I now know what not to scale means.), and inside it will be cool.  I was so wrong.

When we get there my heart sunk, I was thinking at least I have my cane.  I knew Roy was getting a scooter so I would walk near him.  He spoke right up and said you want one too.  I said sure.  Best money we spent all week.  So scooters ready to roll we were off.

First stop was to see the rep for our trailer, just had some questions.  We found out that the model we have will be discontinued. Now that done let’s go explore.

Did I say the area was big!  Lance trailers were there so I had to take a look.  I would have to say a step down from an Airstream in price.  I have fallen in love with the walk around queen bed, and strengthen my stance on not liking slide outs.  Speaking of Airstreams I have to say definately the Rolls Royce of trailers.  I like the look but would be nervous about taking it out and getting it dirty.  I know you can clean it but it is so shiny.

Most of the trailers we saw had slide outs although on our way out we stopped at Jayco (SURPRISE) a trailer with no slide out.  I was impressed with the fact that there was a bed walk around, full shower with a tub, a dinette, and a fair amount of storage.

Overall a great day and my mind was blown by the amount of trailers on the market.  I have also realized things are bigger then they look on paper.

It Wasn’t Elvis

but we were in Vegas this weekend, to watch Roy’s daughter Jill become Mrs. Plaza.  I would like to say congratulations to you again.  You have waited a long time and Mr Right showed himself.  It was a simple ceremony and the reception was held at a nice restaurant.  She did this so she would not have to do the ‘chicken dance’.

The funny thing about the weekend for me was we didn’t get up and get moving early every day.  The first morning I got up at 6am going let’s go find animals.  My mind kicked in and said wrong trip. This was of course after it said you are camping and that is what you do.

The wedding was on Saturday so Sunday the rest of our group (Toni and Sue (Roy’s other daughter) had brunch at the Stratosphere. Great food and some good crab http://www.stratospherehotel.com/Food-Drink/Buffet

The weekend ended on a sad note.  The crushing loss the Packers suffered.  I know it’s early in the season, but, I might be thinking there is always next year.  I hope they can get it together.

(On a side note: I am making progress on my pictures.)