Looking Back —Moving Forward

2017 was an amazing year.  We travelled to Alaska via Banff and Jasper along the Canadian rockies.  I took some cool pictures of big horn sheep, I only had to drive 1,500 miles to do this.  We travel a road once a month that have signs saying watch for big horn sheep. Seven years and only saw one.

This trip was all about the eagles last trip was all about bears.  The path taken was so abundant with all sorts of wildlife, nature, fires and snow.   We had to cut are return trip short due to fires in BC Canada (perfect excuse to return).

This year turning 50 will be an exceptable as I am still walking even if I bounce off the walls more often.  A neurologist told me if you aren’t in a wheelchair by 50 MS will not put you there.  I am also starting a new drug to keep my MS at bay.  I’m looking forward to twice a year instead of every month, and hopefully no headache the day after.  I will keep you posted.

I also am looking forward to a 10 day photo trip in Alaska with a pro this summer.  Roy will be sitting on the beach in Washington.  Once I join him we will be headed to Bella Coola BC, the place we skipped because of fires.

May this year bring love, laughter, brightness and warmth.  Enjoy.