“Drugs” are GOOD

Alright those who know me are going to say WHAT? It’s true, having had a love hate relationship with my MS drug Tysabri. Most recently it has been a hate relationship.

Here’s the back story. The first drug I tried in 2008 was Betaseron an every other day shot this was not a good fit from the get go. In 2010 my doctor in Reno suggested this once a month infusion Tysabri. I loved it from the get go, not to many flairs no side effects wonder drug.

Fast forward to 2016; I started to develop headaches during the infusion and it would put me in bed for two days afterward, the relationship is starting to go south. Well, make a long story short the relationship soured and was made worse in 2017 when I missed 3 infusions and the drug left my system. Restarting was horrible. We started looking for a new drug, which I could not take.

After some seperate issues, I restarted Tysabri every other month. First infusion in March was good until 3 weeks before my next infusion, a flair occured ugh. May 4th we were able to get the premeds for the headaches under control. I woke up the next morning and it felt like an amazing transformation, and it’s still going.


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