Who we are Where we GO

Our Namesake
OMG Here We GO

We are a retired couple who are enjoying the chance to check things off the bucket list.  I have been with Roy for over 25 years and life together has been an adventure. This blog will show how someone with COPD and someone with MS can work together to enjoy the outdoors.   Kabuki our cat and the namesake of the blog Buki-6, will travel with us in Spirit because he has crossed the rainbow bridge.

2022 and we are back in Alaska for 3 months. No taking 2 weeks to drive, we will take the ferry.

Day Dreamer

We have been traveling since 2016 in the summer and blogging our adventures. It all started with an A-Frame and a busman holiday through Alaska. The next summer (2017) Roy and I upgraded to an IDEA travel trailer, and we stayed longer at some of the places we fell in love with and explored some new areas. In 2018 I celebrated the year of turning 50 by taking a photo trip to Alaska. The adventures continued with a Lance trailer. The summer of 2019 took as to Canada and gave me a chance to photograph the Northern Lights and not be cold. We all know 2020 the summer that wasn’t enough said here.

2021 saw us put on 1500 miles just in and around Custer State Park SD. This was a must see for buffalo.