2nd Cutest Museum

I’m just following the lead of Eric from the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum http://www.mbskate.com, he has the second largest skateboard so it’s only fitting he has the 2nd cutest museum. Everyone who has followed my blog knows there is a special spot in my heart for the hammer museum http://www.hammermuseum.org .

Back to now, I was in Morro Bay and I stumbled into this place looking for an adventure. (Ok, I was looking for things to do for the A-Frame Rally). The first thing I noticed was this large board in the middle and the sign that said 2nd largest skateboard in the world. Although to listen to Eric it could be the largest if he wanted because it is the largest skateboard in Morro Bay. He said he wanted to keep it real (that’s his story).

The museum is free and there are t-shirts and stuff for sale. If you go and talk to Eric watch the twinkle in his eye when he talks about skateboarding and the Wide World of Sports.