Glad I Didn’t Walk IT!

This past week Roy and I went to the large RV show in Pomona, CA.  My blonde roots are getting deeper, I thought it’s inside, the map drawing didn’t look big (BTW I now know what not to scale means.), and inside it will be cool.  I was so wrong.

When we get there my heart sunk, I was thinking at least I have my cane.  I knew Roy was getting a scooter so I would walk near him.  He spoke right up and said you want one too.  I said sure.  Best money we spent all week.  So scooters ready to roll we were off.

First stop was to see the rep for our trailer, just had some questions.  We found out that the model we have will be discontinued. Now that done let’s go explore.

Did I say the area was big!  Lance trailers were there so I had to take a look.  I would have to say a step down from an Airstream in price.  I have fallen in love with the walk around queen bed, and strengthen my stance on not liking slide outs.  Speaking of Airstreams I have to say definately the Rolls Royce of trailers.  I like the look but would be nervous about taking it out and getting it dirty.  I know you can clean it but it is so shiny.

Most of the trailers we saw had slide outs although on our way out we stopped at Jayco (SURPRISE) a trailer with no slide out.  I was impressed with the fact that there was a bed walk around, full shower with a tub, a dinette, and a fair amount of storage.

Overall a great day and my mind was blown by the amount of trailers on the market.  I have also realized things are bigger then they look on paper.

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