I don’t know where to start….last night was amazing. I decided this year will be a whole year of celebration on turning 50. I have a few reasons for this

  • 1. Never thought I’d live this long
  • 2. Not in a wheelchair and I have MS ( a neurologist told me if you have MS and you aren’t in a chair by 50 MS will not put you there)
  • 3. I’m surprised at how quickly this year has come and how much history I have

The year of celebration began when Roy and I saw STYX last night in Vegas, even they were reflecting on how long they have been around. The seats were dead center stage 13 rows up, although I hardly sat in mine, too much dancing. I can safely share my first true love Tommy Shaw did not kidnap me, so I’ll share what happened in Vegas.

Roy enjoyed the show so much so that it moved up to number 2 of all shows he’s seen. I was impressed and amazed at how the lead singer Lawrence Gowan has grown into the role. For those of you who don’t know the history Dennis de Young was the lead singer until around 1999.

I am embracing getting older, I’m also learning to embrace the progression of my disease, I’m embracing what the next half century will bring.

On with the year come along with me.