Things do creep up on you, 38 days til our next summer adventure begins. I am excited because this year I am headed to Alaska for a photo adventure with photo guru and a-frame camper Lisa Langell. (side note turning 50 is amazing) This photo trip was part of my year long b-day celebration, that’s Roy’s story. I think the real reason is so Roy can have 10 uninterrupted days camping on Whidbey Island NAS my story. I hope this year I will lay my eyes on a few Orcas if not in Alaska then on Vancouver Island, I do know I am trying snorkelling.

The added excitement is seeing my family and friends in Ely, NV, Wisconsin, and some other spots along the way. We are doing this in our new Lance because of some issues that developed in the old trailer. After one night test camping it feels like a small cabin on wheels, the thing that pops out other then the slide out is the amount of storage space. This means I can bring back more souvenirs.

I will be posting along the way like the last two years, maybe more pictures. Time to pack up and head home to the desert where its over 100 degrees today.

On a side note the health issue I had it was the best news one could expect. I just need to have follow ups more often. This was a good lesson in paying attention to the body. See you all on the journey with Roy and Lance o Lot.

7 thoughts on “Soooooooooooon!!!!!!!!

  1. How exciting! Looking forward to annual blog. Your photos are already amazing Darcy! I hope you see orcas. And make sure you wear a wet suit. Water up north is always cold.

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    1. I am so looking forward to marking this off my bucket list. I will wear a wetsuit and I won’t have to worry about overheating lol


    1. The official spelling is Lancelot looks better that way and as far as pictures, I should have them up tomorrow


  2. Have a wonderful time. You will see orcas near Vancouver island, for sure. Many call it home waters. It is our home too. 😉although we are presently in the desert for a bit. Cheers and be well wishes from the ‘sunseekca’ and the Mister.

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  3. Happy trails and safe travels!! We may meet up along the way or pass each other when you are headed to WI. Will have to stay in touch. Really looking forward to the pics and all the new things you will be learning with Lisa. Yeah…..flaming 50 definitely suits you……giggle……

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