It Wasn’t Elvis

but we were in Vegas this weekend, to watch Roy’s daughter Jill become Mrs. Plaza.  I would like to say congratulations to you again.  You have waited a long time and Mr Right showed himself.  It was a simple ceremony and the reception was held at a nice restaurant.  She did this so she would not have to do the ‘chicken dance’.

The funny thing about the weekend for me was we didn’t get up and get moving early every day.  The first morning I got up at 6am going let’s go find animals.  My mind kicked in and said wrong trip. This was of course after it said you are camping and that is what you do.

The wedding was on Saturday so Sunday the rest of our group (Toni and Sue (Roy’s other daughter) had brunch at the Stratosphere. Great food and some good crab

The weekend ended on a sad note.  The crushing loss the Packers suffered.  I know it’s early in the season, but, I might be thinking there is always next year.  I hope they can get it together.

(On a side note: I am making progress on my pictures.) 

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  1. You could have hunted for lizards?

    Yay on the pictures… Glad you are feeling like tackling that huge project…


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