Random Pictures

These are some pictures of our last 15 days, OMG only 10 to go.  Two cubs in Hyder following mom into the bush.  Or it’s Roy and me headed home.

   These are totem poles from the New Hazelton area of BC.  Canada puts a ton of effort and support in allowing the native culture of the First Nations (Indians) to be shown and preserved.

On our way to Smithers BC spent the day here due to fires and the cancellation of the lava beds.  You could see them catching fish are bringing it up the hill to sell roadside.    This was from a pullout above the action. There is also a museum at the top of a bunch of stairs.

When we arrived in Smithers they were having a week long music festival so we were treated to a round robin of classical music.  Groups of musicians from all ages would stop at designated places and play.  It was called Classics on Main.  http://smithersevents.com/events/spirit-of-the-north-classical-music-festival-2017  I digress.  After a listen we drove around town and found the lodge for the Royal Candian Legion (VFW),  this is the front and side of the hall.

 Houston BC and all the A&Ws get together every year and donate to fight Multiple Sclerosis pretty cool.
This is a picture of the snow we saw on the detour from the fires.  

Yes,   I am a snow magnet.

I hope these pictures and our travels have brought some  the trip has brought Roy and me some.  I will see what other pictures I run across in the last 10 days.

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  1. Really love your pictures. For some reason, I can only see itty bitty pictures and they won’t enlarge. Darn it.


    1. I do the little pictures to save space I will be put all of the pictures from here and some more on a disc when I get home no worries you will get one


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