92% Eclipse of the Heart

Wrong song. This was differant from the eclipse in 1979 not because I’m older I think it was the glasses.  In 79 I did the pinhole method using a cereal box.  Either I didn’t notice or there was no great amount of animals to notice the quiet.  I also think in 79 I was more of a science geek.

When I woke up today it was foggy I was concerned it wouldn’t burn off, it sorta did.  We went over to the seaplane base had this park all scoped out but it was fogged in.  We did see a doe with her fawn which was cute.  Plan B was to find a high point to get above the fog.  We settled in and I went over to talk to the only other truck with people in it.

The two kids were excited about the moon making the sun dark.  The boy had all the answers to my questions and reminded me to wear my glasses.  I have to give a shout out to Lenny for making sure we were prepared. 

 I did not get any pictures with my camera because no filter.  Roy got a few with my cell phone.  The coolest thing Roy noticed was the sun had no heat to it.  I noticed two things. 1st the stillness there were seagulls and ravens making a lot of noise then when the sun was about 90% all the birds got quiet. 2nd about the same time the fog rolled back in and it got dusk like.  

When we were heading back to the campsite the dock where there were hydro races yesterday was completely undercovered.  Outside of our camper it was also an extreme low tide.

I am curious if you were able to see any part of the eclipse what are your thoughts about it?  My other question is will you catch the next full eclipse over North America in 2024?

6 thoughts on “92% Eclipse of the Heart

  1. We noticed the quiet too. Even the traffic was more quiet. And it was interesting how the temperature change almost seemed to ratchet. It wasn’t a gradual change… Yep on 2024. My sister lives near Toledo. Her house is right on the path. That will make my third once in a lifetime event. Cool.


  2. I went to Idaho Falls with a San Diego cacher and it was awesome! Perfectly clear skies and a total eclipse. Temperature dropped 20 degrees. I’m definitely going to see it again in 2024. I have family in Dallas, so planning to head there.

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