Deception It Is NOT

This year has held some amazing water views, in fact I’m sitting watching the tide roll in.  I have always been a water baby that’s why I live in the desert.😉  I think because of living there I enjoy my time at the water even better.  I still have to dip my hand in the Pacific Ocean this trip.  I also have to use my swimsuit at least once this trip.

Everyone who knows me knows heights are not a fave of mine.  This trip I’ve faced it twice.  The first time the glass skywalk on the Icefields Parkway in Canada, the second I walked across the bridge over Deception Pass in Seattle on Friday August 18th.  Did you know it cost more to paint the bridge in 1983 than to build it in 1935.  It actually goes over two passes Canoe Pass and Deception Pass.  More info about the bridge.

I have to say this one was harder to do because the sidewalk was narrow, you have cars whizzing by, then you have to turn sideways to let people pass.  Oh, I forgot to mention the wind.  The cool thing is I did it!  I even took some pictures.   This was the view of the beach from the bridge.

I also think about wierd things happening to me.  For example the bridge collasping while I’m standing under it.  (BTW I have this thought while standing under it).  I got a couple of interesting pictures  

I heard creepy noises so did not stay under it long.  I am glad I’ve gotten to face some fears this trip.