Still Seeing Them …

Animals that is.  I went for a walk at Cliffside RV Park and I snuck up on a bunny.   It’s funny how city wild animals aren’t phased by people.  They are however spooked by dogs.  I was out early this morning trying to figure out what camera settings work well with what type of light.

Got together with ammochief (Ken) a fellow geocacher thinking about doing the ape cache while we are here.  I’m not sure I can do a 6 mile road trip foot trip.  This weekend is the unarchiving of the ape cache on Saturday.  There is a mega event happening at the cache on Saturday.  Playing this by ear.

Took a run out to the ferry for Port Townsend which is what we will take to head to the Hoh Rainforest.  I’m ok for the rain that’s ahead for us.

After that trip we stopped at Coupeville to do a little shopping.  I found a t-shirt in the last store I went in should of stopped here first.  As we are pulling away from the downtown we have a raccoon cross our path strange ☺

We ran around the Seaplane Naval base for two reasons the first eclipse parking and the second hydro plane races this weekend.  I think we saw parking for both.   Tomorrow there’s a chevy car show and I think laundry again.  We will also be checking out Deception Pass for some good pictures.

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  1. Entering one of the Navy Base gates at Oak Harbor, we were also greeted by a healthy dear crossing the road in front of the car, After crossing, she stopped long enough to look us over, either thanking us for not hitting her … or wondering what we were doing on HER road …

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