Still Seeing Snow

Monday when we drove through the northern cascades.  We left Oroville Washington in the morning after a short night of sleep after the 15 hour road trip.  The amount of water we have driven by this trip is amazing.  Our trip through 97 and 20 were no exception.  We also climbed over the nortern end of the cascades where yes at the highest points there was snow.  

I also saw the George dam which provides power to Seattle Washinhton the lake it created has such an emerald color to it.  The other thing was the wind  that occurs up on the overlook of Diabolo Lake which is worth battling. From the overlook it only took a few minutes to get down to lake level.  Please follow the two links for more information.

After we finally came off the mountain a stop at the visitor’s center was in order.  Of course, I got a shirt it has on the back alot of parks that I’ve visited and a few I’ve added to the list like Craters of the Moon.

This part of the trip has been should we stay or should  we head somewhere else to stay.  Driving throughthe campground at the park we decided to move on into Seattle actually Whidbey Island and lucked into a site for two nights. We also added another night to Cliffside on the Naval Base.  

So this coming week will be the eclipse and we already have our spot to see it.  I know it’s not totality but we are going to get 98%. Also on the list is the ape cache (we did headquarters last year) and some farmers markets plus general running around.