One Last Ship Post

Pictures say 1000 words. Other then the cold I caught this was an awesome ride with mountains, snow, and water. Enjoy the photos.

Things that stood out to me on the ferry ride

  • The scenery be it foggy mornings or bright mountains
  • Considering the last two years we’ve had, the amount of cruise ships that are floating, Just unreal. In Ketchikan Alaska alone there were 4. We also ran into 2 more going the opposite direction.
  • Whittier Tunnel this still freaks me out. One lane road, driving over active railroad tracks in a tunnel. I think it is because my mom always said ‘Don’t play on the railroad tracks.’
  • Being on the water for 1,629 miles and not getting sick

Now that I’ve gotten my land legs back and I will catch you up on this leg of the adventure.

4 thoughts on “One Last Ship Post

  1. Started following your posts on LOA. Will also follow your blog. I enjoy your writing and pictures. Hoping you guys have a great summer. We enjoyed Alaska on a cruise/tour in 09. We have friends up there with their fifth wheel now. Thanks for allowing others to follow your journey.


    1. Glenn thank you. Roy and I have totally different writing styles and views. His view from the driver seat and mine is from the passenger side.


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