Way TOO Many People

Dip netting. (I borrowed this video from YouTube). I did not have a drone to capture the massive amount of people. They were close together and it made me wonder how the salmon chose which net to get caught in.

the beach
looking at all the tents

The fact that dip netting is only open to Alaskans is amazing and good. It is called Subsistence Fishing this allows for Alaskans to fill their freezers for the winter. Here is a link to the permits required. We went to the Kasilof River on July 9th to experience the sight of salmon getting entrapped in a net. It was so overcrowded they were even parking under signs that said no parking anytime.

NO Parking
No Parking

It is interesting to learn that a permit is required and that you have to clip off the end tips of the tail this is to distinguish the fish that were gotten during dip netting and the ones caught with rod n reel. (Which has been hard to do this week July 17th too much rain means swollen rivers). Speaking of rain this is why I am catching up on blogs and photos. We extended on the Kenai to maybe get a few more pictures. We’ve gotten rain and a few less pictures. I got sidetracked back to better weather and the drive up the Peninsula.

Is it safe now

We headed into Kenai so I could do some grocery shopping. Headed towards Kenai on the Sterling Highway was where I was treated to seeing two moose. Roy was able to enjoy also but they were on my side of the car. (So, I was closer.) The first one was just hanging around a dirt lane popping in and out of the tree line.

What are you looking at?

The second moose was just chewing and minding her own business along the side of the road. I took some pictures and we headed onward.

a large chariot
the terminal

On we go to get me salad stuff which Roy struck out with Safeway. It was early yet so we decided to find out where the bear viewing boat trip left from so, we knew where we were going and how big the planes were. I was surprised at how rough the roads were getting out to the Alaska West Air, water terminal.


Sitting in the parking lot I got lucky and was able to catch a plane taking off. The taxi way is also the landing zone.

lift off

After a full day of travel, we almost found everything for my salads. Roy still had to pick up lettuce and some onions from Wal-Mart because Safeway didn’t have any. No onions but we were able to get fresh leaf lettuce and some farm fresh eggs. Roy pulled one of his favorite u-turns for a roadside stand that advertised fresh veggies.

The enjoyable thing about driving some of the backroads is you never know what good farm fresh things you’ll find.

One Last Ship Post

Pictures say 1000 words. Other then the cold I caught this was an awesome ride with mountains, snow, and water. Enjoy the photos.

Things that stood out to me on the ferry ride

  • The scenery be it foggy mornings or bright mountains
  • Considering the last two years we’ve had, the amount of cruise ships that are floating, Just unreal. In Ketchikan Alaska alone there were 4. We also ran into 2 more going the opposite direction.
  • Whittier Tunnel this still freaks me out. One lane road, driving over active railroad tracks in a tunnel. I think it is because my mom always said ‘Don’t play on the railroad tracks.’
  • Being on the water for 1,629 miles and not getting sick

Now that I’ve gotten my land legs back and I will catch you up on this leg of the adventure.

Rainy Day Road Trip Turned Out

The Rain

Perfect. This was because we got to do the driving in the rain and wherever we stopped there was a rain break. I do have to say on a side point Roy is getting to drive more curvy and single lane roads then ever before. I on the other hand am looking for the motion sickness pills. (just kidding) I only bring the point up because we decided to head to Hot Springs on a rainy Saturday to stay away from any crowds in the Park.

Large and in Charge
A Buffalo

87 is a mostly two lane paved road that takes you through the northern end of wind cave, supposedly elk and buffalo hang out in the area or at least that is what the signs say. We did see some buffalo but no elk. I say mostly 2 lane except for a one lane bridge this was a short one. At the junction where 87 joins 385 there is another prairie dog town, however they were not as hyper or active as the other ones we ran across. So on down the road. The actual Wind Cave visitor center is off of 385 so I had to at least go shopping. Unfortunately due to the popularity and the limit in available tickets I did not go into the cave. (this year you had to be in line for tickets at 7 am and then come back at your tour time. I did however hit the gift shop, I got 2 t-shirts, a hat and one small stuffed prairie dog affectionately named ‘Sticks’ from ‘Live PD’ fame. I figure with the number of dogs we have seen it is all good that I bring one home. After the side trip to Wind Cave we headed down to Hot Springs.

Let’s Dig

This is a town that has a story to tell, almost like it is stuck in time and that it has an old time small town feel. The town is famous for their Mineral Springs and The Mammoth Site outside of town. The town also has the South Dakota Veterans Home and Veterans Hospital with restored old buildings. The town also had a lot of the old buildings fixed up. Roy had a craving for a corn dog because he saw the sign for it at the local craft fair. I decided then to walk the craft fair it reminded me of small town America. In the middle of town there is a waterfall that you can see the mineral build up of the water, the flag at the top of the waterfall was placed to honor Veterans by the local VFW. All in all the rainy day trip turned out to be the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow.

The Flow
Falling Water