White All Around

blushing bride

These last couple of days we have been in Valdez Alaska and were surrounded by the color white from the swans, waterfalls, mountains and even a White Wedding. It was cool we are driving around looking for eagles which there were none and we pull in a park and get invited to a wedding. That came about because we were watching the ravens trying to figure out how to grab some food off of the pinic table we kindly said no but went off to hunt for more eagles or bears. We found out that they are not around yet.

What was around were powerful waterfalls. Keystone Canyon on your way into Valdez are where these can be found. I spent some time here playing with my Neutral Density (ND) filters on my camera until one got stuck when I tried to remove it. I then had to resort to trying to freeze the water rather than make it look smooth. The filter issue is ok it gives me a reason to stop in a camera shop in Anchorage. I was also intrigued by the water that was dripping out of the rock face on the other side of the road by Bridal Falls. I am easily amused. You can see by this picture if you look really close you will see the drip.

it’s left of the green middle of the picture.

I set up my tripod to accomplish this and did not even realize mosquitoes were loving me.

beautiful veil

You know how someone can step in front of your shot and you get irritated sometimes. I’m glad I didn’t. I had the opportunity to talk camera with a budding photographer and her aunt. She was on vacation from Montana and her aunt lives in Fairbanks. She talked about getting better lens and I mentioned the camera store in Fairbanks called Alaska Camera. It is always enjoyable being able to share with fellow photographers. Here is the picture from Bridal Falls.

I see the tail
White on white

We then headed back to town and stopped at the Horsetail Falls; the water was sure falling. We showed off the car in front of the falls which was fun. I think I made a car commercial. If that isn’t enough white, we added some swans. I had seen a swan sitting on what I thought was a nest on our way into town. I am so excited that I was right. So the next stop was to see if she had moved or not. She had not. It is amazing to watch the grace and care she took with her nest. Her is some information about the Trumpeter Swan

getting ready to sit
the male

I really hope they raise another wonderful family.

I enjoyed being able to spend 20 minutes just watching her take care of the nest and settle in to keep her eggs warm that I did just stop and watch. No bears and not many eagles but Valdez did not disappoint. In fact, I got a bonus with the setting full moon tonight from our campground. I would have not gone outside to even look but it is 2 am and we still have the same gull driving us insane. It did however get me outside to capture this.

Full Moon Setting