Day One in the Books

Crazy how fast our departure date came up. We got under way at 9:30 am. Only a half hour later then estimated eta.

Our campsite is great right by a babbling brook that talks quite alot. I have definatelly been in the city way to long. Reason being that bubbling of the brook was annoyong for the first hour not used to the sounds of nature. Portuguese Joe is a gem in the Alabama Hills, there were very few people there. The rate was good also only 21 a night. No hook ups though but great location for night shots.

We got lucky that the Tau Herculids meteor shower peaked on Monday night. I am not sure how many I caught still on a learning curve with camera, tripod, and photoshop. After about an hour of catching shooting stars I turned my attention to the milky way.

It was interesting trying to keep my shadow and our trailer out of the picture. There were tenters behind me with head lamps, I was getting light painted if I wanted it or not. This was all good because I ended up with this amazing picture.

The Stars

I am just glad we are headed down the road on this adventure. We did have one hicup while we were here. Someone did not put enough water in the tank. I wonder who.

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  1. So cool that you got to see the meteor shower. We got majorly rained out on the Oregon coast…


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