Credit Cards EXPIRE …..

Not People. May 2, 1993 was the day I learned people expire not just credit cards. A little back story. My life was changing for the good in 93: I had met the one that saved me from myself. I moved out of Wisconsin. I grew as a person. I lost my first true love my Dad.

I have to say I was definitely his favorite just ask me. I was the baby of the family and was truly spoiled by him just ask my brothers and sister. Looking back like any family we had some good memories and some bad memories, but they were memories made special with him. One memory that came to mind as I am writing this. One time dad had to kill a bat that got into the house. All I remember is me hiding behind mom in the kitchen and dad running through the house trying to kill it. I know dad killed it and threw it outside because it was dead on the side walk when I left for school.
I chuckle every time I think of how you and Dave Jr caught me smoking. I’m not sure what made you more upset me skipping school or me smoking. Turn around is fair play I did get Dave Jr in trouble for his smoking. Picture this I am blackmailing my brother to keep quiet about the fact he smokes. So I come in flipping a nickel in my hand (at least I think it was). Dad asks where did I get that. I say give me a quarter and I’ll tell you. He does, I say you didn’t here this from me but Davey is smoking. I was 8 years old. Fast forward about six years and picture this. I am walking down the street during school and smoking a cigarette; I see dad’s car drive by I think he didn’t see me. He didn’t Dave Jr did. The car whips around because Dave says wasn’t that Darcy smoking a cigarette. Busted.

I remember the time you tried to teach me to drive. We were going out to mom’s house and you had me drive for some reason I could not get the hang of using the same foot for gas and brake thing. Well we get to her street and I am getting ready to park the car. So I think I will try this. I put the car in reverse to act like I am parallel parking because there was nothing that close behind me. I give it a little gas and then go to try to stop, but I didn’t move my right foot to the brake. Yes, I gunned the car in reverse almost hit another car. Long story short, I got the car parked, Dad grabbed the keys, and went in to the house. He then threw the keys on the table and said “Damn, it Nadine if you want Darcy to drive you teach her.” Needless to say I did not get my license that year.

So, back to why people expire. Dad had been in the hospital for about a month, I was living in Chicago, I could not make it back to see him that weekend. I did however want to check on him. I call the hospital and ask to speak to the nurse taking care of my dad (he was in ICU) I am told she is off today. I go so did they move him because last I knew he was getting better. She said NO, he expired. I promptly replied WHAT ARE YOU SAYING CREDIT CARDS EXPIRE!!!!

After the shock of the news, I was able to process, and Roy helped me grasp the situation. I do have to share a funny that happened on the way to the funeral I had bought a black dress with a short slit in the back, well, I got out of the car and the slit became a split. So, Roy has me buy a sewing kit from the truck stop we were stopped at, and he is sewing my dress with me in it in the parking lot. This was a great way to lighten my mood on a sad day.

I miss you Dad, but I do know you are in a better place and are smiling down on us.

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