Thank Goodness it was Empty

What was empty you ask? It was our water tank. I thought I had put enough water in to make the pump work. I was wrong. When we put water in the fresh water tank we used a meter to keep track of how much went in. I put in 15 gallons according to the gauge (I think my gauge was off.) When we were at our first stop the water pump would not stop running it was trying to pick up non existent water. We did not realize that was the problem. We would deal with it in Reno at the Boomtown KOA. The only good thing about that campground is there were full hook-ups. So we get the water hooked up and fill up the lines, make sure it flows from the pipes. Disconnect the hose and hook it up to the fresh water tank fill it up with more water. I then held my breathe while we turned on the pump. Success, it was operater error. That being said we went up to the casino for dinner and I actually rewarded myself with a rootbeer float for dinner.

A few more stops and we embark on the ferry.