Throw Roy from the Train

No we just let him down easy. I love our 3 flamingos rally hosts they look out for us. Thursday there was a ride on the Verde Canyon Railroad. Our camping group took over a train car plus the viewing car attached to it, for the journey from Clarkdale to Perkinsville AZ. Clarkdale was the inspiration for the town in “Take the last train to Clarksville” by the Monkees. (it’s on wikipedia) plus we heard it on the train. Perkinsville is where the film “How the West was Won” depot scene was filmed.

Before we left the station we were treated to viewing some raptors, it was the only wildlife I saw that day.

I See You

I also bought a poncho with the saying “It’s the Journey.” That is my life motto, it is been a fun one. Sometimes being handicapped has an advantage, we were able to board the train first. The interesting part was riding on the lift and sitting on my walker to do it. If you are in Cottonwood AZ this is an amazing four hour trip.

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    1. It is from the VA it is made by Drive. I like it because when you fold it up it stays together


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