I have long johns on, this isn’t California. I know it has been awhile, but leave a cold camping trip to bring me inside. It is a small known fact that my nickname is the snow magnet. Take me anywhere that is cold and we will have snow. I even had snow one year on the first day of summer granted we were in Canada at the time. This year at an annual A-frame camper event in Cottonwood AZ we are under a winter storm warning. I’ve seen snain already (snow and rain). The bright side is we are only going to get a dusting but I will have nice mountain snow pictures. I am looking forward to unhooking our water line tonight because 22 degrees is quite cold.

This is a yearly camping trip we try and take. It was our first rv rally after we bought our A-frame many years ago. This is a group that no matter how big your sleeping quarters get you are always an a-framer. The three ladies (Donna, Kathy, and Wanda) who head it up were dubbed the 3 flamingos by Roy, these three are such a strong flock. After ten years though this will be the last rally. We’ve been to 4 of these rallies and each one gets bigger and bigger. This year there will be a train trip up the Verde Valley along with a visit by an eagle before we board. We also are heading to Blazin M for a good old fashion chuckwagon dinner.

As for pictures I will leave you with this Cardinal couple who were in a tree right outside the camper yesterday.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park AZ

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