Legal High Point

I have to say today I was higher than I’ve been in a long time. The views were amazing although the amount of winter homes dotting the mountains near Sundance and Park City Utah were a tad distracting. The first part of the rise out of Salt Lake City was gently curvy it seemed like a lazy gentle rise. The second part past Sundance on the way to Park City felt more like being pulled straight up. Right outside of Salt Lake City we passed Bridal Veil Falls, no pictures I did not think to grab my phone which I did grab for some older cars. Speaking of old cars they must have been a meet-up happening or they were just out for a Sunday drive on Monday.

This trip we have seen more wild horses than on any of our other trips. In fact today we were lucky to see three separate groups. The first group was near water with a dozen foals some were resting on the ground while the mares flipping their tails to keep the young cool. I also saw one nursing it is so amazing to be able to experience the mother baby bond. This group was near Beaver not so far down the road there was a group of three stallions hanging together. On the climb outside of SLC was the third group a few Appaloosa with also fouls. We saw a larger group on yesterday also.

All of the animals we’ve seen so far have had a fair amount of babies. In fact, we must have been seeing a calf take his/her first steps, it seems out west they let mother nature take control. Who would have thunk Wyoming had so many sheep and yes there was a black sheep in every flock we saw. Birds have been of the robin variety with a few (sea)gulls put in the mix.

Tomorrow we are on the way to Rawlins, WY which means one day closer to Custer State Park. Tonight I’m out to find the milky way.

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  1. Loving the scenery… but traveling at 7,000+ feet elevation with COPD is less than fun. My portable oxygen concentrator is NOT amused …. wrong kind of Rocky Mountain ‘High’ …..


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