We found Beaver

So today was day two, 6/6/21. We are enjoying cool breezes and open windows, the last two days were brutal in the heat department. Over 100 degrees, Beaver Utah is about 80 and the nice part of this is it should get a tad cooler. Every trip requires a mascot and ours is (wood) Chuck a stuffed Beaver. I will be posting his photo bombs in the future.

The drive up today was interesting, a lot of traffic going from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City Utah. Las Vegas is open for business, full capacity the employees were fully masked but the crowds were about 1/3 masked. The place itself was also extremely busy. We were able to have dinner at the Angry Butcher with a friend.

So far not many wild animals, did see some wild horses and a few ravens just above St. George Utah. The ravens were just dotting the skies. The landscapes though have become covered with solar panels which to the naked eye look like lakes. The night sky is dark which is amazing to be away from light pollution.

On a side note we (Roy and I) are still doing daily short video clips on every subject. At the rally in October we will show the DVD.

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