Blowing in the Wind

A few things to know about Wyoming it is windy, high, friendly people and you cross the Continental Divide. We were at 7000 feet while we were in Lyman WY and we are at 7000 feet tonight in Rawlins WY. We do start down the other side tomorrow, Casper WY is only around 5500 feet. We have had wind before today mostly a tail wind which has saved on gas. Today however we had a crosswind, and an 8 foot wide dust devil to deal with. This is another time I am thankful my husband was a trucker, we went for a sway but he was able to let the devil pass at the best place it could. The people we have come in contact with are very sincere and happy, it is amazing and refreshing. I get the impression in this part of the country people seem more relaxed, and less stressed. Crossing the Continental Divide occurred twice today once at 12:30pm elevation 6930 then again at 1:30pm elevation 7000 it is amazing 70 feet does make a difference.

I am running a streak we saw another couple of wild horses today which adds to the total for the trip. No bison yet but did see some pronghorn antelope that aren’t really antelope. Find out why here As always there were plenty of cows.

Some nostalgia for Roy at leaving Lyman WY today we were able to get gas at the original Little America. He told me the story about this being one of the places he would stop when he was driving truck. Speaking about his trucking days, I was able to see the original two lane I80 next to the current I80. I also was able to feel what it must have been like driving a two lane interstate, there was construction on the westbound side of the road for about 18 miles. I would say interesting is an understatement.

I was able to take a few quick shots with my cell phone of snow fences. You can tell which way the snow blows by the direction of the fence. The other way I was able to tell we were in snow country were the gates and signs that read when flash return to ……. I am so glad we did not go through this area closer to winter, I am a snow magnet.

I am fixing the last paragraph as I fell asleep while writing, sorry about that.

I have yet to be able to get a Milky Way shot. Lyman WY was a nice level spot good view interesting foreground clouds suck. The night at Rawlins I couldn’t see the core but I was able to see a part of the Milky Way. The campground is too close to I80 for me to get good pictures. I am hoping maybe Casper WY but for sure Custer. In the coming days you will see a group of pictures from our first week, and I will also put together a post covering things I forgot to mention, in my other posts.

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  1. I enjoyed some time in WY with my sister and brother-in-law a couple years ago as we drove back to Denver from Devils Tower. One place we really enjoyed was part of the Oregon Trail. Gc7b7da

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