Yes, summer 2021 is here and we will be off like a herd of turtles. We have five days of one night stands and then we are onto Custer State Park for a month. I really hope to capture Mount Rushmore in all it’s glory. There will be lots of night photography and I hope to capture some animals along the way.

I am posting pictures of May’s full moon. It was extremely cloudy and due to some issues these were taken from our patio. Enjoy.

Can’t wait to hit the road.

5 thoughts on “It’s TIME

  1. Make sure you keep us posted …. oh. wait … I’ll know all about it before ANY of the rest of you. Stay jealous and play nice ….. !!


  2. The Black Hills is one of our very favorite vacation spots. If you’re into theater at all, check out the Black Hills Playhouse, in Custer State Park. They produce excellent summer stock productions, assuming they are allowing indoor events in that neck of the woods. Also, for a chance to duck away from the crowds, check out the Wind Cave campgrround, if only for a few hours. It’s less well known, and almost never full. Fewer people means more wildlife! And don’t forget the prairie dog town. Have fun!

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  3. I like your cloudy moon. Do you go also to Crazy Horse? Last time I was in that area, the aliens had stolen the chief and the presidents and hidden them in clouds. Also, if you are there long enough Spearfish Canyon is beautiful.

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