The Long Story….

about why I hated this morning phone call. This is just a tongue in cheek rant so read on.

A little background. I get all of my healthcare through the VA (Veterans Adminstration) I am blessed for this. After the age of 50 a person should have preventive test like mammograms and such. Mine right now is the and such. So no worries. I had my yearly health check up this past September so consults were put in for all these test.

Skip to October and because of COVID the clinic is doing all of the preop appointments virtually I’m ok with this. So I have that appointment and get told that no tests are being done unless you are bleeding. So I’m thinking December maybe. It is finally scheduled for early May.

Fast forward to this morning, Saturday. I had an awesome night on Friday coupled with a full day which made me bone tired. Not even 9am (I rolled into bed at about 5am) the phone rings, I answered it and hear this perky voice on the other end. My first thought was how much coffee have you had, I had none, brain not functioning. I get over that first hurdle realize it is not someone trying to reach me about my extended car warrenty.

Now onto the appointment, I want early; so we start with how far do you live I say about 55 miles. You live less then 60 so on Saturday you will have to come to the hospital for a COVID test. What is my other choice I live 60 miles from the hospital. I am answering these questions by trying to get the answer out of a sleeping Roy, I don’t even know where I am when I don’t get my beauty sleep. Well, then you have to come an hour before your scheduled test. A rapid COVID test will be given. So far so good we settle on 7am, that means 6am for the test; yes and it takes an hour for the results. Then she informs me that the lab doesn’t open until 6:30am. So I’m trying to wrap my head around how I can have my test at 7am and still be able to get the results back. You can’t she said but we will still make it for 7am. So in my mind I’m thinking I would be throwing off a whole days schedule I was an OR tech for way too long. I am also thinking I am way too tired for this. Bottom line we found a day where I will be there at 6:30am so the tests can go on.

On to the instructions this is where I am starting to feel bad for her, because it was like she had a step by step flowchart and she could not miss a step. I even asked if this would be in the information sent out she said yes. I then asked if it would be ok if she could let me go. I explained I was too tired to function. Guess what! She continued like I said nothing, to go on with her steps. So I just let her speak because there was no way to stop her. At this point I came to the conclusion she was trying to reach me about my extended car warranty or another prerecorded message. Amazing though how hard it is to grasp things when you are half asleep.

In the end she was finally done and a call that felt like an hour was really only 15 minutes, but a very painful 15 minutes. It is all good, I was able to stay up and some pictures and a blog up.

I hope you enjoyed this little story about my morning cal. Out again tonight for some more photos.

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