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  • Last night was awesome
  • I hate morning phone calls
  • An almost all nighter
  • Wow – This used to be easier.
  • More fun then Sex (Almost)

So you ask what was more fun then Sex (Almost).  I have to say the start of milky way shooting season for me. The opening act is happening at Anza Borrego State Park in California.  Even after helping to pack up and set up in near triple digits. On a side note: I have learned so much over the last year, that I am waiting to try in my photos.  I owe credit to Roy who gave me the inspiration, NPAN (National Parks at Night) for the great learning materials (and conference), there will be others I will give a shout out to along the way this year.

Yes, getting ready to go places with the camper, and staying up late used to be easier.  I also used to be younger and a size 4. (LOL)  I am glad I have the ability and desire though to pull an almost all nighter and be able to help get things done for camping and adventures.  I have to admit it was not an all nighter as I did take a nap in the late evening. Now a quick word on why I hate morning phone calls.    After only 4 hours of sleep, phone rings and it is someone who is way too perky.  Long story short I am getting scheduled for a routine screening test that has been put off for 6 months due to COVID protocols. (See upcoming blog post).

Last night was truly AWESOME!

After getting the tripod set up, taking some test shots and figuring out an approach to the night I was able to just sit and be still.  I am not sure I’ve experienced a quiet like that in a very long time.  I do know that this summer there will be darker and quieter night shoots but this was my first time.  Speaking of first times, it was also my first time shooting the milky way with very little light pollution and I think I have seen a new shade of black.  Being still I heard an owl, plus a bunch of coyotes (I got nervous).  But I enjoyed this so much, and can’t wait to experience it more this summer.  I do want to clarify that Roy did get out of the car a few times to look at the sky. (in between snores).

I will leave you with a few of my unedited photos.  I was able to work on stacking the photos.  I took numerous pictures of the same thing with the same settings and used software to combine them.  I also took a picture of the Milky Way over the town of Borrego Springs, so even with some light pollution you can still see the Milky Way.

Enjoy, the quiet.

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  1. Wow awesome! Last September my sister and I went to Great Basin National Park (outside of Ely). Ones the most amazing sites ever.

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