Poofect Ending ….

to an amazing weekend. I have a feeling our travels this year will be filled with humor, and ‘that really happened’ blogs. I say this with a smile and a shake of the head.

I had such a great time hanging in Anza Borrego and I have photos to prove it. I am working on editing and sharing those here and on facebook. This however is too juicy not to share ahead of those posts. As you know there is always a back story and lead up so let me start.

I woke up this morning, Monday, thinking what a full couple of days time to pack up and head home. I get dressed and think what should I wear jeans tennis shoes or sandals and shorts. We have to do the black tank and that is always messy so I decided on shorts and sandals. (SMART Move). Nothing out of the ordinary occurred during the loading of the car, breakfast, finishing packing up, even getting Roy up. I am pleasantly surprised thinking we might get out of here way earlier then I thought. I have started helping with the outside when I can, today was one of those days. This is where Murphy showed up, I did invite him though unwittingly. I learned it is like saying quiet or slow in the OR. So here goes

  • I get the electric cord picked up and put away (so glad that I did),
  • Put my gloves on
  • Take out the sewer hose.
  • Made sure the hose connections are tight and secure
  • Gave the gate handles on both tanks an extra push to make sure they were closed

Those are all the right steps and I’m whipping through them. I squat down with the hose in my hand and am getting ready to connect the hose. People who know me know that squatting and balance and me can be an interesting combo. I am so glad I listened to the little voice in my head that said adjust your stance and where your feet are. Roy, put a cap on the sewer pipe that had a handle so it is easier to twist off, that is what I did. As I go to turn the handle I hear a gush, I struggle to get the cap on without getting covered in poo I did. I also experienced the longest 30 seconds of my life. The only thought that went through my head was OH CRAP!! The next thought was glad I didn’t shower last night.

This could have been so much worse.

  • I only got my sandals messy
  • I did not fall on my butt in the liquid mess
  • I had shorts on so I didn’t have to change
  • This was at the campsite not the dump station
  • Only a little came out

I share this for a couple of reasons: 1st it is funny, I didn’t get hurt, it wasn’t that messy. 2nd if you have full hook-ups at your campsite you should hook up the sewer hose and leave the gate handle closed when you arrive. As I am still shaking my head Roy is cleaning the site with a hose, so it doesn’t stink for the next camper. All I have to say you are not camping until you have a mess to clean up. Next up PICTURES.

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  1. I kinda preferred when you opted for a Pooh Bear …. please … no more Pooo … !! … Ahhh – the goodies that make memories and adventures. Now we get ready for the summer excursion ….

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