Tis the Season!

No silly not that season, Milky Way season. Although that season is fast approaching, it is already April.  Ok I’m a month late it started last month.  I am heading out to  Anza Borrego State Park this week to photograph the milky way and if it is not too hot maybe some daylight photos. (I don’t know 97 on Saturday).  It is way too early for it to be this hot.  Sorry, I had to whine a little; I’m just glad we planned ahead and have reservations for this summer.  More blogs and photos coming your way.

We did go out on a scouting mission to check out the campground and the area. I will write more about the sculptures and post pictures if the weather is doable. (I’ve packed my ice vest). Check just a few of the sculptures in Galleta Meadows I borrow this from California Through My Lens website. He has some great travel escapes.

I have also been photographing the full moon as promised, just have not gotten my butt in gear to post the pictures.  See some of them below.  It is sometimes worth the effort to photograph the moon the day before when there is still light for the foreground, I did that in my February’s picture  I actually shot the moon the 2 nights before so you can see the difference.  Slam Dunk I am imagining that it will make a basket.  The other photo from February I used part of a tree for a moon holder.  We were at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Arizona for those moon shots.  I am starting to think outside of the box when it comes to taking photographs.  March found me at home so I tried my first blend as I could not get the day before the full moon shot to work.  The Coachella Valley has welcomed back Desert X which is an outdoor art exhibit placed throughout the valley.  (one is right near where I shoot the moon. )  So for March I did a creep over the mountain shot and a blend shot.

This summer I am planning on getting back on the horse so to speak. I plan on more posts and more pictures of Roy and mine crazy adventures. I might even throw in some thoughtful posts in the future.

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  1. Getting the car ready for towing is NOT ‘Tis the Season’ … I like when you shoot the Moon or Milky Way … I sleep GREAT at night – even in the car … LOL

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