One Down Eleven to go

Yes, I took the challenge. It seems at one point and time when a photographer becomes interested in night photography, they chase the moon. I am chasing it this year. I took the first step tonight.

We are camping at Usery Regional Park near Mesa AZ. Our campsite is perfect to get a shot of the moon. Here is a jpeg of the moon getting ready to rise.

The clouds and mountains were still visible, this was about twenty minutes before the moon popped up. This is just a tease until I get home and process the other images.

I am going to experiment this year with taking the moon the day before it is full, this way you will be able to see more of the foreground. Next month the moon chase will bring me to Cottonwood AZ. The summer will see moons over Custer, SD and some place in the Rockies. I do promise to add milky way, star photographs, and creative things you can only see at night.

So please come along with me on this night time journey.

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