Joy at the Mailbox

Yes, it can happen.   Mine, however, was short lived. No it wasn’t a tax refund, a PCH prize notification, or even an Amazon package, I see the envelope Jury Summons, my mind starts to race. Roy might get his wish, he got called. This is a man who has always wanted to be seated on a jury.  He has come close twice.  I’m getting happy and excited, then I see the name. Darcy Quimby, my mind shouted THIS IS INSANE! I will explain. I understand that serving on a jury is my civic duty. I would love too. The state of California says I can’t have a driver license because I can’t see or stay awake. (They do not live in Palm Desert, you know how many people can’t do this but still drive?) They will try and put me in charge of someone’s fate.

I can see this happening in my near future; I am sitting behind bars, I get asked why are you in here. Well here’s the short story. I get a jury summons, I get seated, I fall asleep.

I think if I did fall asleep it would be ok, until I argue with the judge that I was not sleeping. I do that sometimes when Roy is talking and I fall asleep. I do know that I will probably get medically excused, it just struck me as funny.

This is a short post I just thought I would share the insanity. I hope to bring you more snippets of life with MS this year. I am also getting ready to embark on at least two months of summer travel and wildlife pictures. We have reservations for Custer State Park in South Dakota. This year I promise not to be so scared of the burros.

One thought on “Joy at the Mailbox

  1. Your ‘jury summons’ will soon be replaced with a ‘camping and photography summons’ …


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