Most Memorable Photography Experience

I was given a challenge from my friend Lisa Langell, to post a picture and story of my most memorable photo experience.  By far my trip to Alaska with her for my 50th birthday year hoThe whole trip was memorable as you know from reading my blogs.  This Orca picture wp-1531028557731..jpg is the one that is the crème for my memories.

I have always been fascinated with killer whales; I had to see one in the wild.

Back story about me and what led up to this picture.  I had a small mid-life crisis and in 2007 I joined the Army (what was I thinking).  I served until 2009 because in 2008 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Those who know about the disease know it affects balance as one of the symptoms. (Keep this in mind for later).

In 2016 Roy and I decided we wanted to go to Alaska and drive there.  We purchased an A-frame trailer to do this in. On one of the shake down cruises to prepare for the trip we attended a rally with other a-framers, this is where Lisa Langell enters the picture.  Camped next to her we get talking and I find out she is a photograph, she loves Alaska and she does workshops in Alaska. (Add to bucket list).

Fast forward 2 years to 2018, I’m now 50 and have been dealing with MS for 10 years.  I made it and wasn’t in a wheel chair which is another thing that can happen if you have MS.  I was celebrating because a doctor once mentioned that if you are not in a chair by 50 its likely MS will not put you there.  I am starting to show some signs that I’m not all ok when it comes to balance issues, I look like I’ve had one too many some times. So the perfect storm came together I had a husband who loved me, a friend who did workshops in Alaska, not in a wheelchair and turning 50.

The picture of the orca is just the fin, I have a few others from that day but seeing them in living color was the best part the photo was a plus.  We were on a boat outside of Seward Alaska on Resurrection Bay not a calm body of water. I mentioned that my balance was off because of MS I came to a realization because of this, I think when I am on dry land I feel a little like I’m on a boat.  So my brain tried to over compensate for the motion of the ocean (this did not bode well).  The end of the day the brain lost that battle and seasickness won.

Picture the fact that my bucket list involves seeing orcas, the mind and body was saying it’s today or never again because boats and me are not a good match.  I keep pestering Lisa asking are we going to see one, I need to see, she made no promises.

Well what to my watering eyes I think I see an orca pod. The boat slowed and I gingerly made it up to the bow of the boat.  Once there the other people in our small group made room for me, to squeeze in even though I was turning green.  This was an amazing site and the orcas were so close we had a baby breach right next to the boat. (I don’t think anyone got a picture.)  We are bobbing in the water which is not going to work for me.  I am getting ready to head back to the stern when, the fin appeared right in front of me.  I snapped the photo and immediately headed back to the stern to embrace a pail and begin the dry heaves.

The whole trip was memorable and I’ve taken other pictures that are also memorable.  This picture taught me a few things

  • Never give up
  • Take time to enjoy the scene and not worry about the pictures
  • Stay off boats.