Able Annie to Zany Zelda

I think anyone who lives with a chronic disease tries on a few of these masks. I think in the last eleven and a half years at one point and time I’ve worn all of them at least once. I think most people would call me Suzie Sunshine or Positive Paula. Most of the time this is true. Although there are times when I become Doubtful Donna or even Unsupportive Ula, these are the times I need some space. DO NOT take it personally, there will be times when I won’t want the space.

Prime example is when you or anyone for that matter asks how am I doing and you are greeted with Frustrated Fran because this or that symptom is rearing it’s ugly head or the side effects are horrible don’t loose interest. I will add a side note here if I’ve been Frustrated Fran for a couple of months every time you see me say something. There are also times when I need you to be Listening Laura I will try to be her for you when needed it. Please don’t pull away when I become Venting Valerie there are times things just need to get off my chest. You will find after sharing what I needed to share I will become Thankful Tammy.

One of the masks I try not to wear is Blaming Bobbie. Let’s face it I think even healthy people use that mask sometimes. It does happen and I can blame everyone and everything for anything. This is when I have to realize that this disease sucks and it’s not the floor’s fault I can’t stand up. That comes out when Exhausted Emily is on her last bit of energy. Sometimes I will quickly turn from Blaming Bobbie to Hilarious Hannah because let’s face it I’m not drunk I have MS. I want to be honest there are times when being drunk and bumping in to things was more fun. On the flip side I can bump in to things and fall down with no hangover in the morning.

Able Annie is different everytime because Changeable Carrie gets involved. There are times Wishful Wanda comes out and wants everything to be normal. I could go on and on but remeber whatever name you put on your attitude / mask make it your own. For the moment, I do have to say that having MS has made me realize that you make your own Normal Nancy.

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