It Does Exist

What is it you ask a magnet to snow.  I feel all my life snow has followed me, possibly because I was born on  the first day of spring and it snowed.  In fact it snowed almost every year on my birthday when I was in a cool climate.  I live in SoCal so it doesn’t snow on my birthday,  it does however snow every time I go near a cold climate.  For example, the trip to Reno for New Years Eve 2011 when the return trip took 18 hours in the snow, middle of summer on the Dempster Highway NWT, Las Vegas mountains Christmas 2019.  More on the Christmas snow later.

So this Christmas we decided to go to Vegas and take Toni with us.  We had a blast, did the cactus gardens at Ethel M’sethel2  I will say there were quite a few people there I did manage to get a picture of some of the lighted angels, the garden covers 3 acres one of my thoughts was I hope they get paid well for stringing the lights through the cacti or wear heavy gloves.. ethel1At least the angels are placed among the cacti  The gardens are open all year long but they really come to life around the holidays.  I have to say this place has the best chocolate cover cherries.  The factory is also open to take a tour and get a free sample.  So I would have to say if you enjoy chocolate this is worth a stop when you are in Vegas.  They even ship the wonderful chocolates year round.

Yes, we did treat ourselves to a diner experience at one of Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris gram   Most restaurants will bring a cart showing what deserts are on the menu this place brought by the cuts of meat available. The wait staff was attentive we had a table on the second floor and were able to look down on the first floor.


What is something you think of doing during the Christmas season.  Since childhood it has always been a dream to see the Nutcracker performed on stage. nutLast year was the first time I had the opportunity was last year Christmas Eve so if it is done once it becomes a tradition.  This is my story.  I was able to share the joy with Toni and Roy.  That is the three of us before the show arrived a little early before the doors opened I do like being early.  This is a ballet any age can enjoy.  I myself have become fond of the peacock.

Later that evening we headed out to drive through the Las Vegas Speedway Glittering Lights  You drive under the grandstands of the speedway and see light displays sponsored by local businesses there was actually a living Nativity scene something I have never seen before.  Finishing up Christmas Eve we went back to the hotel/casino (strange because we always take the camper) to eat dinner at The Angry Butcher . This place had me at Rack of Lamb very good.  Sams Town Casino also has a indoor park atrium which features a water show on a small scale I will have pictures of this over New Years visit.

Finishing off the adventure of a Vegas Christmas we went to Twas The Knight at Excalibur xcal2Fun fact Merlin’s costume is 34lbs. xcal1 I myself had fun eating Cornish Hen with my hands and drinking a Pina Colada, Roy and Toni had wine in a can.  I know Toni enjoyed the horse and Roy enjoyed the maidens and the food I myself loved the snow.


Speaking of the snow magnet me it does not snow that often  in Southern California.  So the morning we were due to leave I look out the window on the way down to get coffee in the morning and you can’t see the casinos on the strip it looks icky out.  I new there was a chance of rain and mountain snow but thought we would get ahead of it.  We did not the border to California was closed at Primm NV.  For those not familiar with the I-15 headed into Vegas from Los Angles there  outside of Baker CA is Mountain Pass with an elevation of 4730 feet so it was snowing and snowing total amount of snow that had to be cleared was over 3 1/2 feet.  That amount of snow explains why it wasn’t opened the next morning when we planned on leaving.  We took 95 out of Vegas and I still got to see snow in Searchlight Nevada and a little out of the way trip to 29 Palms and snow. snow2

snow1  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Holiday season we are now off to Vegas for New Years to ring in the 20s.  I just hope there is no snow but I think my magnetism is very active.


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