Headed Home

The time has flown by we’ve been on the road for over 3 months and will park it for a few weeks on Saturday the 14th.  I will catch you up on photos once I’m home.  I have to say this has been one of the more unique trips we’ve taken.  I did scratch off lightsg the northern lights, and a lynx from my bucket list, now I want to photograph polar bears.  I aim high.

I am looking forward to putting things in my new kitchen, I’m glad Toni and Sue were there to keep telling me it looks good.  Here is the first photo we got back in June kit5

I was a little nervous when I saw that picture and also was glad that I was not there.  We also had a new kitchen window and a sliding glass door installed.  Here is the finished product kit1I think I’m going to enjoy my kitchen might even learn to cook.  No that won’t happen but I will enjoy doing the dishes more with a dishwasher that is not named DARCY.  So now that you all have read my HGTV infomercial back to heading home.


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