An Amazing Town

Yellowknife NWT is the perfect location for the northern lights, diamonds, ice road in winter, the seat of government of NWT, and old town. The whole area is built on rock or what is known as the Canadian Shield It was funny knowing that the road will not be completely smooth and the rolls are not frost heaves.  We did get to drive to the edge of the ice road made famous in the first season of Ice Road Truckers  we wanted to see where it would start in the winter. ykice4I do not think that’s a road I would want to travel although as kids we did drive on the ice on Lake Winnebago (ok I was young and crazy then).  I am also glad Roy decided not to gykice2o for a swim with this picture you have to wonder how many did go for a swim.  This is one time when stop means stop.  There was construction on the way out to the end of the road at 4 trucks every 20 minutes the road into Yellowknife after getting off the ice can cause wear and tear.  Here is an article about ice road trucking there is a 70% turn over in drivers

Yellowknife down town area is like any urban city that is the seat of government.  On a side note we were in Yellowknife on August 22nd which is the day that A&W Canada donates $2 of every teen burger to fight MS.  Can you guess where we had lunch that day in Yellowknife?  We do try to arrange the part of our trip that we will be in Canada during August, because of the day and they take donations all month.

One thing we did learn is the visitor center or so I say the old center is sinking into the water ykvisitso trying to find the new one we passed by the legislative building of the NWT We explored the downtown area and came across this park with this UN tank. ykun  We did find the visitors center ykvisit2and found out that there was also a farmer’s market while we were going to be in town so of course we went.

This trip we have tried to buy local produce at the markets this one had entertainment, ykfarm4booths was in the park by City Hall.  It did last for only two hours which was surprising.  I was able to get a photo of Roy yakking it up. ykfarm6

I enjoyed walking around the booths and seeing the interactions of the locals. DSCN9631 DSCN9629

It was interesting to see the variety of people in Yellowknife  First Nations, people who are embracing a simpler life, then a hodge-podge of older people who call Yellowknife home. There is also a strong Oriental presence in their tourism industry, and local workforce.  I don’t want to keep coming back to food but food this trip has been very good.  Especially if you can get a total of 3 meals out of a dinner.

Some background on where most of the restaurants are located they are in old town.  Remember I mentioned that Yellowknife is built on rock check out the link it gives a birds eye picture of old town.  I would have to say that the area is condensed so parking is at a premium we did luck out though.  Bullock’s Bistro ykbullock2 I have to say it is quirky there is writing all over the doors and the patio I don’t know when that started but I am now forever engraved on a piece of the door. (Thanks Roy).  The food here ykbullockis local seafood and good meat.  Roy had Arctic Char it was cooked perfectly and I went with a bison steak extremely tender and yes we had leftovers.  We also made it to a newer restaurant also on the suggestion of some locals we met when we stayed at Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park this one was a brewery the Woodyard yknwtbrew  from the website I thought would be too spicy I am glad Roy decided to try it anyways.  It had flavor not hot spice is the only thing you taste. I was able to get a craft root beer which tasted better then A&W it was bottled and brewed in Canada not at the local brewery.  The art outside the building was a cool photo-op yknwtbrew2

Roy had the bison short ribs I had a burger,  we also had smoked fish potato salad the fish was smoked local inconnu fish and fried capers just to name a few ingredients almost worth a trip back to Yellowknife just to get some more.

Old town is also home to the Aurora Lighthouses these are little houses with beacons on top of them and yknorthlightwill shine when the auroras are to be active.  This one is located outside a gift store in old town notice the painting next to the lighthouse.  Speakinykfloath2g of houses old town also hosts houseboat bay.  It is a true off the grid experience. I was reminded of either a beach town in California or a town seaside town in Maine in this case the town is in the bay at least. ykfloath3Paddle to your front door in summer skate to the front door in winter.  ykfloath4I don’t think any of the house were painted the same or were the same size.  Old town has so much personality packed into just a few blocks.  Check out the painting on this can ykart and the big bug I found yknwtbrew2.

I have to say that being able to see the Northern Lights for so many nights of the year brings magic to this town.


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  1. I Musk Ox you where you come up with your yakking ‘groaners’ … ?? We need to stop telling these readers where all the great cities are … since tourist overload is the end result. Can say … loved almost all of the Northwest Territories.

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