The Falls

Not my falls although I could write a blog or two about those.  No the waterfalls that are around Hay River NWT. It is actually a route that you can travel in the Northwest Territories. . When we did this route on Friday I was also dodging rain drops.  I got a few pictures using the landscape lens.  It was also really cold but that is what coats are for :). dehpark When I was walking up from the parking lot and could hear the rushing water but could not see it, wfparkI was amazed when the sound matched the force of the water. alexandrafalls1 I met two locals ok from Yellowknife and told them I’m here to photograph the northern lights.  Back to the Falls.  alexandrafalls2The locals did tell me that the water was a little low but should increase due to all the rain. These falls are on the Hay River and was a short side trip from Hay River.  The water drops 109 feet over the cliff to create the roar.  Alexandra Falls does have a twin on this river it is called Louise Falls, and it is a three tiered falls.  There was a short trail (1.9 mile) I could have walked to but I opted to have Roy drive me.  Less then a mile down the road is the turnoff for the falls.  This falls only drops 50 feet.  I get to the over look and was a little disappointed because there was supposed to be a spiral staircase that you could go down to get a closer look.  louisefallsI did get a look from the first over look before it started to rain again. Unfortunately you do not get the full few from the top look out.

So I grabbed my camera and headed back to the car. Up the road is another waterfall that is just a day use park McNallie Creek mcnalliefalls

This is an interesting side trip to a falls, at the visitor center in Hay River the woman told me that locals would jump off the edge of the falls when she was growing up.  The other thing is that these falls just go into the big hole she called it a sink hole. My funny thought was after seeing Louise and Alexandra Falls was you need to grow up.

It was here I met a couple who had just come from Louise Falls and I said so did I and was disappointed I could find the steps.  I was up to a spiral staircase.  So they explained how to find it, after a quick thought I decided lets go for it. (Roy loves to drive).  Back at Louise Falls after driving through some rain then into some blue skies I’m thinking great there is a chance.  Ok, I have depth perception issues so once I get to the steps down I see it’s a very tight spiral staircase and the trees are extremely close on the way down.  In the back of my mind I’m thinking this older couple did it I can too.  Then logic took over the last time I did something because someone else did I came home on crutches from a sky trip. (I was 12 but still).  So I decide to go back to the look out and even though I am practicing with the landscape lens I still love to use my 150mm – 600mm to zoom in on things.  I head back to the car again to grab it.  Mother Nature had other plans because right before I got back to the car it starts to rain.  I got wet but made sure the cameras stayed dry.  So I’m so thankful logic took over or I still might be sitting on a step on that spiral staircase.  I will have an opportunity to check out Lady Evelyn Falls as we are spending time there on the way to Yellowknife.

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