Our First Rodeo??

It was especially involving ATVs, cowboys, cowgirls, and a tractor.  This year it has been all about taking the different road.  After having to change plans again due to road issues we end up on AB64 (short cut).  The road was a good conditioned paved back road with 10% grades up and down through lush agriculture no flat Alberta here.  We ended up here because the road and area we were headed towards had some mud and construction issues an excuse to come back next year.

After spending the last day at Toad River adjusting travel plans we decide to do 850 miles in three days. The first night we spent boon docking on the side of the road. roadside The next morning we get up going stop at the only restaurant in 80 miles. After breakfast we leave and run into things headed across the road  we slow down and discover this.  cow1No they were not running wild it was a modern day cattle drive.  (with ATVs).  So we fell in behind and alongside to enjoy the craziness.  cow2The tractor was carrying a huge round bale of hay which I assume is the feed.  We watch them cross the road and split up the herd.

We were both amazed at the use of ATVs but not one horse was used and instead of whips to get them away from the gate and back on the road to go to the next gate they used pool noodles to make noise in the air to steer them.  We stayed behind them until they reached the second pasture and got back off the road.  Growing up in Wisconsin the dairy cows stayed on the farm.  There were quite a few babies in the group of cattle and the calves were sticking close to mom.  The other unique thing was you would have a cow that was like a traffic cop, stand still and just make a bellow sound as if to say hurry up, move your butt. I was glad though when this traffic finally MOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Along.

So even though we’ve changed  the roads we still are finding adventures and sights that we would have missed if everything went as planned.

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