2.5 Million Miles

That’s how many driving miles Roy has under his belt (adding professional and personal).  I am so thankful for this.  The second day on the Dempster started with a little drizzle not to much dust that’s a good thing.    I am looking forward to the drive back so I can see the sites that were in the clouds/fog on the way up.

We started off so we could miss the snow forecasted for Eagle Plains, our neighbors in the campsite we are at they got stuck at the ‘Welcome to the Northwest Territories’ sign for two nights due to weather.  We were probably the last car through before they closed the road due to weather.  I am jumping ahead but here are two videos taken during day two.

That was the sign I will have a clearer picture of when we travel back on Saturday.

This driving into one of the cloud banks.  I was very quiet during this part of the drive I was also thankful that Roy is a retired truck driver.  I have to admit it was spooky because there were a few spots where you could not see if there was a road.

Back to the beginning of day two; we encounter a bridge built by the Department of National Defense as a training exercise.  BTW it’s still in great condition .  We continue up the road and cross the artic circle.  Quick stop to check trailer and take a picture, before the mosquitoes carried me away (rain does not deter them). demp6  It was something I thought I would never get to cross.  I got to cross it three times in one day. (flat tire).  This is another reason I am so glad Roy loves to drive.

It cleared a tad and we came over a hill to the sight of white, thought it might have been snow.  It was actually a field of cotton weed.  Roy said it looks like q-tips on steroids’.  Will get pictures.  Shortly after the field of q-tips we hit a rock and experienced a Dempster Highway adventure our flat tire.   That will get the coverage it deserves in it’s own blog.  Fast forward 3 hours back up and running.  We hit the clouds and had some slickery going then our first experience on a ferry on a cable.  They pull you across it takes about 5 minutes.

Our second ferry took a little longer and we ended up having to have boards put under so we didn’t bottom out, of course this was after they bent a rear stabilizer (oh well).

The rest of the trip up the Dempster was pretty uneventful, did see a few loons. The best thing about day two, was watching Roy clean off some of the hard earned mud of the day.   demp7We only did the door, the hitch, the water heater vent, and the refrigerator vent.  All in all good safe travels with an experienced driver.  I am looking forward to the trip back to Eagle Plains, and Dawson City.


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  1. King of the Road … and a two-bit room …. LOL

    Scary when I think about it … 2.5 mil miles … that’s about 5 round trips to the moon … behind the wheel. Hammer down … !!

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