Mayberry RFD……. I mean

Eagle Plains.

Eagle Plains is a unique place as it is the halfway point on the Dempster, was built a year before the highway was finished and is your one stop shop. Even though it’s just a gas station, hotel, rv park, restaurant, and bar it has town written all over it.

The day we got here was beautiful a little cold, a few mosquitoes so no big deal.  The first thing we did was catch up on the news for me at the bar that was.  We are to far north to get SirrusXM.  I was told Trump is still President, China is still being China, gas is still high, and Iran is Iran.  So, my comment was no news, his response was I just give the summary the tv gives the details.  I felt right at home definitely could pick the bar up and put it in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  Asked about an RV spot next was told that would be Ericka’s job the bartender cool this place multi-tasks.  Ericka I found out she is known as the mouth of Eagle Plains.  She has the speeches down no question that I had went unanswered even the ones I didn’t have to ask. Side note the rv park had 15amp electric for $25 Canadian, plus my license plate number.

On to dinner,  we sat down about 6pm, because we just went to look at the site and come down to eat.  That was a good thing because we just beat the rush.  I wanted to jump back and help the girl in the kitchen she was so overwhelmed.  The food was good even if the wait for it was long.  It gave me an opportunity to meet my neighbors, brothers headed up to Tuk one from Utah and one from North Pole Alaska, had an interesting conversation about the road because they were on motorcycles.  (now that’s insane).

Speaking of motorcycles on the road after dinner we met a gravel surfer, complete with road rash.  He did not look to rough for wear but you could tell he was hurting.  I guess he had a tire issue which caused his bike to go do and him doing some traveling on his own.  The good thing is he did walk away.  I am finding advantages to combat camping is after dinner chats with your neighbors.  Eagle Plains being the halfway point we were the only ones heading up to Tuk the others were headed back to Dawson.  It was forecast to snow in Eagle Plains so we knew it would be an early morning for us.  The most interesting comment we heard was you will either love or hate Tuk, and you must put your toes in the ocean.  You bet I will.  Oh just to give you a heads up I enjoyed Eagle Plains I come back an extra time.

3 thoughts on “Mayberry RFD……. I mean

    1. Haven’t been on the Dalton … yet. Dempster is fairly well maintained, hard packed. Very dusty when dry, pretty slick when wet. Just heavy ‘wet’ can close the road … gets too slick in a few spots. Very little truck traffic. No real ‘industry’ up here. 550 miles one way, got passed by 2 trucks and only met 4 or 5 going south. Very few cars. Scenery is awesome. 2 free ferries on the way up.

      Shall we leave a light on for you … ??? … LOL


  1. We are thinking of doing the drive to just the artic circle but not sure about it. I crossed the artic circle 3 times in one day That’s in my next blog. I would have to say the first part of the drive was dusty the second part was slicker. Either way had fun 🙂


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