I went shopping! I also saw things I will never forget, and learned about a culture that has piqued my curiousity since childhood. We spent about a week in Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk which is the farthest north you can drive in Canada. We arrived after a long wet day of travel and were welcomed to a needed break staying at the Happy Valley, free showers. viewcampFirst thing first we had to give the car and Lancelot a bath (or the important parts).


I noticed right off how friendly everyone that we met were, the man who pumped our gas also helped to power wash some of the car. If you can picture me grabbing on to a whipping snake, you can understand why Roy and the other man took over. Some things I’m learning I know even with practice will be painful to watch. Then it was off to dinner at the local pizza, oriental, sandwich shop, called the Roost.

Plans have changed a little this trip mainly because of weather, which is all ok.  It allowed us to be able and explore the area.  I truly enjoyed learning about the igloo church igloochurch1 and how it is one of the few buildings not built on pilings, because of the permafrost and ground shifting.  The most interesting part of the night I took the tour was the story behind the woman who after a hunting accident painted all of the paintings inside the church.





I also stopped at the visitor’s center in Inuvik, where I learned about how Tuktoyaktuk is adapting and growing with the influx of visitors, since the road is now a year round road. The craving outside of the center was so detailed and I love the face. inuvikvc2        vc2


I ended up buying a t-shirt, some handmade earrings, and stickers, plus I gained a ton of knowledge.  Inuvik was a nice place to rest after the trip up the Dempster.

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  1. The Mackenzie Delta was amazing. Second largest in North America. Mississippi Delta being the largest. Expance of land is mind boggling … seems you can see forever. Almost give you the feeling that the Earth really COULD be flat. The Pingos were interesting. (Google it … )

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