I See Dead People

No one I know.  Like most of our adventures we do it then go get information on what we just saw.  That’s what happened with the Dawson City Cemeteries we saw.  One of the more interesting cemetery was the Police Cemetery still maintained by the RCMP today.  There are 18 graves dating from 1896 to 1936, constables and sgts. cem2 NW MP and RNW MP North West Mounted Police and the Royal North West Mounted Police before they became the RCMP.  Just interesting.

On this road there are 10 cemeteries a few are still active today.  Near the police cemetery is the Fraternal Order of Eagles Cemetery there 13 graves but only three with names you can make out.  The tombstones are made of wood. cem3

There is also a large monument behind the graves honor men who died in WWI.cem1  The other thing that was extremely interesting was seeing trees growing up the grave stones.cem4

Well worth stopping by the visitors center and taking the complete walking tour. https://dawsoncity.ca/plan-your-trip/visitors-centre-info/

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  1. A step back in time when you realize the road between the cemeteries that you are driving on has been there since the 1800’s. So many ‘marked’ graves but the wood has released the names of the people many years ago. There is a pavilion where they keep the names and location of the ‘known’ gravesites. It is known that many miners from the Klondike Gold Rush days died of tuberculosis. Few lived beyond their 40’s.

    In 1900, over one MILLION ounces of gold was mined from the Klondike. On the TV show … Gold Rush … Tony Beets and Parker Schnabbble struggle to attain what they call their ‘massive’ 6 thousand ounce goals. Perspective … it’s all in the perspective …

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