Oh Those Views

dawsonview  This is the view from the Midnight Dome in Dawson City.  I am not sure why we did not do this drive last time we were here before.  I know we left it for something to discover.  We were able to check into the RV park 2 days early and just today we extended another day so we are back on schedule.  So Sunday we will be in Eagle Plains YT on the Dempster.

Even though we have not been gone that long it was good to drop the trailer and explore for a few days.  Unfortunately we have not run into any of the stars of Gold Rush https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_Rush_(TV_series) , still have a few more days.  We did get to see the barge that Tony B hauled the pieces of his dredge to Dawson City.  The Jasmine B.  jasmineb1When we were in line to take the ferry across the Yukon river to check out the paddlewheel graveyard Roy made a comment that maybe we could see Tony B’s barge.  Ask and it will happen.  Now all we need is more animal sightings I’ve been asking.  It was cool checking with the ferry worker to be sure it was the right barge.  He was funny, basically confirmed that every other word out of Tony’s mouth is F =$k this.  Though he is a good guy and his kids turned out right even though Tony works them hard.

Now onto the paddlewheel graveyard, https://dawsoncity.ca/attraction/paddlewheel-graveyard/ this is tucked on the shores of the river unfortunately it was over grown so I was able to only get the one paddlewheel right on the beach.  paddle1 Check out the short video.  Trying to find the place to get down on the beach took a little doing as it is not marked park here. The road to get there is in the Yukon River Campground.  The access to the beach involved going down a slight hill across a plywood plank so your feet didn’t get wet then walking about 1000 feet down the beach.  It was a nice walk and beautiful day.

Whenever you have to get across the river you take a free ferry, it runs 24×7 except for a few hours on Friday for maintenance. https://www.yukoninfo.com/dawson-city-yukon/the-george-black-ferry/ I would suggest not getting behind an RV caravan when trying to cross the ferry can only take a limited amount and certain weights.

I’ve enjoyed the extra days here now I’m off to the Midnight Dome to enjoy the solstice.  Almost 24 hours of daylight.  We get that early next week.

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  1. Driving home (to the RV) tonight at 1:30AM it was obviously still daylight … but the sun on it’s path across the horizon created 2 orange and pink colored sunsets in 2 directions … really weird. Things you never would see without this kind of travel. Loving the trip.

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