Don’t Let the SUN Go Down on ME

I had to do it.  The sun did go down on 6/21/19 the summer solstice for about an hour.  I went up to experience it on Midnight Dome in Dawson City.  It was amazing here is a picture of me taken atdome1004 10:04 pm.  I have my sun glasses on my shirt because I am facing away from the sun, had to put them on when I turned around.  The views seemed to be even more breath taking then on a regular day.  Maybe it was all of the people also at the dome, or that it was the longest day of the year.

I caught the shuttle bus up to the dome, because I enjoy being a social butterfly.  (Who me?)  We are waiting for the shuttle and I start talking I was asked were we were headed I say Tuktoyaktuk NWT.  Sharon spoke up and said I would love it.  The 24 hour daylight and the culture in Tuk is amazing. The roads are good if you use common sense.  So I get on the bus and there’s room on the seat for me next to a couple and of course I ask if I can sit next to them because I don’t bite.  You know where that went.  🙂

Once at the top of the dome the views are spectacular of course.  You can even see TOW (top of the world highway) this is the road that takes you to Alaska. and is about 30 miles from the dome on a clear evening.  dome942  The road is on the right of the picture.  Here is a better picture that I took on a different day. top  Then I think my best photo of the night was of the up and down rainbow at about 10:42pmdome1042 You have to look hard .  It was a great night and I was getting tired and the crowd was getting rowdy.  I was waiting for the shuttle for awhile and watched a truck camper block the way up to the pick up area so I knew it would be a walk to catch it.  I want to give a shout out to the three people I hopped in their car for a ride down the hill.  Tonight felt like a safe night to do that. it was in the air.   So thank you Sunshine, Patrick, and I want to say Mary the driver?(I am bad with names).

Well we are off to the artic ocean so in about a week look for our continuing adventures.

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