No Mayo

or ketchup or mustard. Leaving the Takhini Hot Springs campground after a night with a little rain and some mosquitoes we have a short jaunt up the Klondike to Pelly Crossing. I’ve blogged about the campground before but in short it’s secluded in the trees, reminds me of camping in nortern Wisconsin. The only thing is they have to truck in water so it is best to be self-contained, there is also a hostel if you don’t have a camper.

Back to the journey at hand. Filled up at Pelly Crossing got there early in the day so what was the decision, head on down the road. People who have traveled the Klondike now the campground is free but with no services. So scheduled stop scratched (this is all part of SOP camping) I am up for this. I do know first year not doing a stop I would have stressed, so I am getting better.

We then approached the junction of the Klondike (HWY 2) and the Silver Trail (HWY 11), no real place to camp. On to Mayo and a stop at the Bedrock RV park it was only 30 miles. Upon arrival at Mayo we find that the RV park with those three spaces and get the answer to why they did not answer the phone. Closed for season to renovate. Did I mention it was still raining on and off.

Well we decided to check out a Yukon Territorial Park down the road, because we still wanted to head to Keno, the next day. No go on the park to many mosquitoes, so we then decide to drive through Mayo and check out the town. Long story short we decided did not want to drop the trailer and head to Keno the next morning for a day trip.

If you are keeping track we just changed 3 nights of plans so what to do. Back to the Klondike and about 15 miles from the junction we decided to stop at Moose Creek Yukon Territorial Park for the night. Good choice, but, it is getting close to dinner got lucky and pulled into Moose Creek Lodge right before they closed.

These moose are out front of the restaurant we ate at. I’m thinking these might be the only ones we see. (slim on animals) We did see 2 black bears on the road to Mayo.

Bedding down for the night we were able to get the last pull through in the park. The $12 Canadian a night is good for no services. As a side note I recommend checking out government campgrounds. Here’s a link to the Yukon site this is how we plan on camping our way up the Dempster. You can also get free fire wood if there is not a burn ban.

The next morning we get up and make the 100 mile journey into Dawson City with the hope of checking in early. Got lucky and have had a great time exploring with the extra days. So SOP traveling is not that bad. I do wish there would have been meat in the Mayo sandwich.

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  1. SOP traveling/camping is the only way to fly in my book. However, being totally self contained and not needing services it is easier for me to just find a 5 star flat spot…..hahah.

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