Oh No Not Another

Ferry. Yes it was this one wasn’t so bad, about an hour from Haines, AK to Skagway, AK. The night before we hooked up before it got dark, in the rain. We decided to hang in the ferry terminal parking lot. There was a geocache we were trying to find, no luck on that.

We have been dealing with rain on and off this whole trip. (mostly when setting up or tearing down). It’s all good it isn’t snow. The ferry we traveled on was MV Tazlina http://www.dot.state.ak.us/amhs/fleet/tazlina.shtml almost brand new. It was put into service in May. The cool thing about this ship is it is one of two to have been built in Ketchikan, AK. Although the design was to be a drive on drive off ferry the docks were never refurbished to make this possible. I have to state here that I’m glad Roy was a truck driver.

The reason is with our trailer in tow we could not drive onto the boat because of our turning radius. So the alternative is for me to close my eyes and listen to the ferry worker lead Roy down the ramp backing up. Ok, it wasn’t that bad, I opened my eyes a few times. I have to say I was quite impressed, one try no stopping.

Onboard the boat we were able to go up front and face forward so I could see where we were headed. Roy slept I watched. On the trip over it was interesting to see the waterfalls up close that you could see from the shore in Haines. I did not get pictures. I did get a picture of the cruise ships docked in Skagway though.

I am just amazed at the size of the cruise ships that are on the water. I am so ok with the way we travel.

Arriving at the dock and in the car I had to get out and do something, so I cross between our car and a camper who pulled in to face us. I am all prepared for Roy to beep the horn when I cross in front he doesn’t so I left my guard down. (what was I thinking). So coming back what does he do yup he did. I immediately showed he was #1. The people in the camper got a great laugh I did too. The next hurdle is climbing out of the boat in Skagway, at least we drove out felt like a climb up on a rollercoaster, where you can’t see what’s on the way down. So from here we headed to Takhini Hot Springs everything right on schedule. Famous last words.

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