For A Good Time …..Visit Haines

Haines was a place where Roy almost wore ketchup, oh wait it was me. Sitting at the Lighthouse restaurant we order a whole order of halibut fish n chips to split. (yes, when you’ve been together for along time you split. I mean food.) The waitress brings the ketchup sits it down Roy asks where’s the ketchup. Me I pick it up and say right here. What I was going to do though was pick it up and squeeze the bottle so it went on him. Thank God I looked down just in time to stop myself. Why? The bottom was pointed at him and the top with the open end of the sqeeze bottle at me. I know you are smiling at the thought. I was too, all Roy said was he would have ROFLAO then possibly take me home inside the car not on the roof rack 😉. One of the few times I’m glad I looked.

Getting back to what else Haines was a place for good food if you get away from the beating path near the cruise ship port. (Yes, Haines even gets cruise ships. The large ship of 2000 plus docks on Wednesday then 3 times a week they get smaller ships with less then 500 onboard.) Raevyn’s Cafe they are only open Wednesday thru Sunday 5pm-9pm. They are in one of the buildings built for the movie ‘White Fang’. Their speciality is southwest cooking with large portions. If you are into fish-n-chips as I mentioned the ‘Lighthouse’ has them, also the ‘Bamboo Room’ features them. Although I would head to there for strawberry rhubarb pie.

If you like to photograph landscapes, eagles and bears Haines was a good place. The Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, also check out Chilkat Lake and river. I went with Cindy from Rainbow Glacier Adventures

We were able to get a glimpse of ok a couple of pictures of ‘Speedy’ the resident bear and her 3 cubs.

I really enjoyed seeing the dandelions in her mouth. We were just heading down the road and she stepped out. Once we got to Chilkat Lake we had an opportunity to see a raven attack a bald eagle.

All in all Haines is a great place. If you get the time do visit.

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  1. On the beach at Deep Creek on the Kenai Peninsula there can be as many as several hundred bald eagles at one time feeding on the fish cleaning scraps and carcasses from the fishing charter boats. An awesome site … !!

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