The People You Meet

Haines was an interesting place, I met a few characters like the boy named Leon. I stopped in “The Magpie Gallery” in Haines because I was having souvenir shop withdrawals. Side note I’ve only bought 3 t-shirts and 1 jacket this trip. (ok we haven’t been anywhere with real stores) Back to the journey. I walk in the store and this boy, Leon, is coloring behind the counter and trying to get mom’s attention, so I engage him. Next thing I know he’s right in front of me with a bell asking me if I want to buy it. So we banter back and forth about what kind of bell it is. I came to the conclusion with him it was a bear bell. We thought it might be better then saying hey bear. Just then an older lady came by,and swiped the purchase out from under me.

I think she knew I was going to be a hard sell. Making a long story short she bought the bell for a dollar and Leon is on his way to saving to buy a candy store.

Also on that same shopping trip Roy took me to the local microbrewery that acording to him makes the best root beer ever. I will give him credit they do. This brewery “The Haines Brewing Company” was another reason to come back to Haines. Last time we were here I went on a float trip Roy went to the brewery, so when I was done he took me there for the best root beer ever, they were sold out. We walk in make sure they had some tasted it and really enjoyed. I bring this up because the owner was the spitting image of our friend Sky. Plus if you ever get to Haines it’s a good stop.

Speaking of stopping in Haines we stayed at the Hitch-Up RV Park the new owners George and Laura from New Jersey are keeping up the good reputation of the park and adding their own flair. In fact one day George spent most of the afternoon hanging up three flags an American, Canadian, and an Alaska state flag. I was impressed. I was also impressed with Laura I wanted to do another float trip down the river and I went to the office to book it. They use the same company I had issues with before but we tried again. The day we booked it she got verbal confirmation from not one but two different people. Well you guessed it another miscommunication on the company so it was a no-go. I was impressed with the effort she put into trying to make it work. She also stepped right up and gave a refund.

The trip not happening gave my the opportunity to get a private photo tour, so it all worked out. I think anywhere I’ve journeyed and will journey interesting people cross my path.

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