I’ve Been Here Before

even if you have go again. You will be surprised at what you find. This happened to me when I almost passed by the American Bald Eagle Foundation http://www.baldeagles.org .

Here is the back story. Two years ago we stopped in Haines Alaska for a small town America 4th of July, so where do you go, the place where they have Bald Eagles. It was ok but not something to write home about. There was a large cage with two eagles that you could walk in front of and a bird in the bird room, a small gift shop, then the museum with information and history of the area. You can see why stopping in again not high on list.

Pulling in the driveway we see what looks like construction going on behind the wall, I’m thinking this might be looking up. Walking in I see it’s up to $15 to tour I’ll be honest I almost changed my mind, glad I didn’t. Upon going round the corner I try to find the screech owl no luck. Then it’s into the room with the large cage and Arden is setting up on a perch looking regal. I am able to step through the door that I could not go through last time. Check out the video on my video page. They have laid out wooden boardwalks with info signs in front of the cages. Here is Vega peering at you from above.

Bella is a Bald Eagle who is also outside and is joined by Warrior a red tail hawk

I step further down the boardwalk and am introduced to a very squawking peregrine falcon Ole. I find out Sidney is preparing to change out equipment on him, and get a weight. I guess it turned out he’s a tad heavy. Before the introduction to Sidney, I was talking to another worker about how being able to come out and see more of the birds make the admission price worth it. I also touched on my first experience and how this boardwalk system is amazing. Touching on people who have mobility problems gravel can be difficult. He then pointed me in Sidney’s direction and said most of these improvements were from her.

I asked if it was possible to share this with people who read my blog, she was thrilled to be able to share her love for these birds. It really does show with everyone at the foundation. So we sat down and talked while she was in the process of making new anklets, which when he is worked there is a ‘safety leash’ for lack of a better word attached to the anklets. If Haines Alaska is anywhere in your future this is a place you have to visit.

I learned a valuable lesson if you’ve been somewhere before and you have the opportunity to visit again DO IT!

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  1. This is so awesom. I love Birds of Prey. Next time you are in Boise area, you can maybe go to the World Center for the Birds of Prey. They have glight days and things are always changing. Regardless of that, it is very excellent that you were willing to re-visit and that you are open to things and appreciative and let people know it (them and us).

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